Saturday, 22 October 2011

Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple

After two weekends spent cooped up inside, in an attempt to put an end to my (very persistent) cough, finally a weekend to make up for it. A friend took us out for a drive through the Buckinghamshire countryside, interrupted only by  a stop for a pub lunch at The Nag’s Head. Such a perfect day to be in Britain! Bright and sunny all day, gorgeous autumn colours, and a spot-on lunch. I always order steak and kidney pie whenever I happen upon it at a good pub or pie shop. It’s probably my favourite pie, yet something that I almost certainly will never cook at home because I think that the kidneys would be quite yuck, and I also cannot stand supermarket pies.

Back home, I roasted some potatoes which I’ve been abnormally excited about! They’re purple majesty potatoes which taste just like regular taters, but have more antioxidants, and more importantly, they’re prettier!

I’ll think up something more imaginative and artistic for them next time. But pretty food which is better for you: a keeper ingredient – yay!