Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Chocolate cake… with a strawberry compromise

So my guy pointed out that I never made a “proper” chocolate cake.  (Hmph!) So I set out to make one - a dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. The reason I never made frosting is quite simply that I’m not really into sugary things. What I do really like, is strawberries with chocolate. So a very serious argument ensued about whether the cake would or would not have strawberries. (I’m sure regular, sane couples argue about these sort of things all the time. After all such a calorie costly endeavor means serious business.) Anyway we finally agreed that strawberries would contaminate only my half of the cake.

Even after tasting the result we still differed. I loved the strawberries in the cake. My notes from the day:
  1. I won’t be making the Devil’s Food Cake from The Joy of Cooking again. Uneven texture and not that great.
  2. Frosting is too sweet, won’t be making that again either. Ganache or cream is better.
  3. And mash some fresh strawberries in your chocolate cake - yum!